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2020.Nov.26-Lidye Chemical Co., Ltd. has officially become a bluesign® System Partner; textile-related resin products continue to be on the market (2021/05/06)

 ·  Lidye Chemical Co., Ltd. since established has dedicated to refining the quality and safety management and ensuring the high-standard production system. We aim to produce high-quality products.

·     In terms of the quality achievement, we are certificated by the British Lloyd's ISO-9001 in 1996, ISO-9001: 2000 in 2002, ISO-9001: 2008 in 2010, and ISO-9001: 2015 in 2016.

·   In terms of environmental and safety management, we obtained ISO-14001 and ISO-45001 certifications in 2021.

·      After passing the milestone of the trinity of Environmental, Safety and Health, Lidye Chemical Co., Ltd. keeps to research and develop, ranging from raw material management, green manufacturing process, to eco-friendly products and expects to do the best. In 2020, we are honored to join as the partner in the bluesign® system, the European environmental protection textile certification. Our textile-related resin products are bluesign® certified and formally launched.

·    Lidye Chemical Co., Ltd. is very glad to share this good news with all our partners. In the future, Lidye Chemical Co., Ltd. will continue to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable resin products.

·     bluesign® system makes a solution for sustainable textile production. The standard controls for environmental protection and safe production, and makes sure that the detrimental substance be removed starting from the manufacturing process. The standard not only secures that the final textile product meets the most stringent global consumer product safety requirements, but also grant consumers the confidence to purchase sustainable products.

·      From manufacturers to chemical suppliers to retailers and brand owners, the bluesign® system enables participants in the textile supply chain to comply with modern ecological requirements. bluesign® system partners must pass a rigorous inspection to determine the conformity with the bluesign® criteria.

·       Five principles of bluesign® system

     1.      Resource productivity-sustainable use of energy and raw materials

     2.      Consumer safety-responsible for the public and the environment

     3.      Wastewater discharge- strengthen the protection of hydrologic cycle

     4.      Occupational health and safety-improve working conditions

     5.      Production site and company guidelines

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